Pacing the floor at Punk’s birth in the 70s, splitting up as it was overtaken by Ska and New Romantics in the 80s, and re-forming due to European bootleg interest in their back catalogue in 2002,The Zips, are keen to make up for lost time. With 5 new cd eps on their own Tenement Toons label, a download single for Oxfam’s Make Poverty History campaign,The Zips finally released their debut album, Guitars4Hire, Sept 2006 – 27 years after their debut single, The Zips ep, which was a fave of the late John Peel, and copies of which, now fetch up to $427 on eBay!

2009 saw a 500 copy re-release, of the 7” by Brooklyn label, Sing Sing Records.

In 2011, The Zips unleashed their 2nd album, 19 Forevva, and on the 10th anniversary, of Joe Strummer’s death, the band released a download-only, single, Road To Strummerville, with profits to his charity, Strummerville.

A split vinyl album with Berlin-based tour buddies, Erotic Devices was issued by Clash-City-Records in 2014, ahead of a 3rd tour of Germany.

No strangers to local and internet radio, the band also have a reputation for rip-roaring performances, supporting bands like, Dr Feelgood, UK Subs, 999, The Lurkers, Vic Godard & Subway Sect, and Eddie & The Hot Rods. This means they are always in demand on the live circuit, throughout Europe.

2015 saw the self-titled, Stepfathers of Punk release an advance copy of their 3rd album, Down With The Zips, to coincide with a further mini-tour of Germany.

2016, the band released a split CD EP with Fire Exit, and played some promo dates together in Belfast & Dublin in November, having played a string of UK dates, that year, including the Nice N Sleazy Festival, and a fifth tour of Germany in May. Meanwhile, the Down With The Zips album was released worldwide, download & cd, on in April.

2017 The Zips played Rebellion Festival in August, and other dates around the UK. However, priority was given to recording tracks for a 4th album, including 7 songs recorded in Berlin, in between a German tour in April, and the Joe Strummer Tribute gig in Berlin on 3rd June. Prior to that, Tarbeach Records (NYC) released a 7” single with The Zips’ Barabara Wire, on one side, and a Jonzip acoustic version of 19 Forevva, on the other, on 31st March.

2018 was the 4oth anniversary of the The Zips, and they were featured in Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave  compilation album ( ), supplying a track from The Zips EP, Take Me Down. Gig-wise, it was a busy year with the MAYhem Tour 2018, a week-long series of dates in early May in Germany & Czech Republic, and a second, whistle stop tour of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, later that month, with long-term tour buddies, Erotic Devices. October also saw The Zips in Portugal for 3 dates, after Jonzip’s solo tour, last year, and Ireland. (full details of all dates in the GigPress section).

2019 is the 40th anniversary of The Zips debut single release, The Zips EP, and to celebrate, a limited-edition CD of live recordings from ’79 and ’80 is planned for release on Tenement Toons. A long awaited, limited edition 7″ single on new German label, YeaVolution Records, should be released, early in the year, and the even longer-awaited 4th album should follow, shortly after! Before that however, one of The Zips EP tracks, Take Me Down, will be released on Cherry Red Records, 5CD compilation, Big Gold Dreams (                                                                                                                  Lots of festival action this year, with Strummercamp, Rebellion and Morecambe Punk Fest, already booked, but plenty of room for more! The Euro adventure continues with a trip down the river, in Berlin, with Charlie Harper & TV Smith. The event called, Spree Punk Rockers takes place twice on Sunday 23rd June. See GigPress for all dates.


4guys3chords2minutebuzzbombs1helluvvanite – guaranteed!

Jonzip (lead vox/rhythm gtr) + phil volume (bass gtr/vox) + fred-x (lead gtr/vox) + buddie poor(drums)


4 guyz3chordz2minutebuzzbombz1helluvanight – guaranteed!

jonzip (lead vox/rhythm gtr) + phil volume (bass gtr/vox) + fred-x (lead gtr/vox) + buddie poor (drums)