Pacing the floor at Punk’s birth in the 70s, splitting up as it was overtaken by Ska and New Romantics in the 80s, and re-forming due to European bootleg interest in their back catalogue in 2002,The Zips, are keen to make up for lost time. With 5 new cd eps on their own Tenement Toons label, a download single for Oxfam’s Make Poverty History campaign,The Zips finally released their debut album, Guitars4Hire, Sept 2006 – 27 years after their debut single, The Zips ep, which was a fave of the late John Peel, and copies of which, now fetch up to $427 on eBay!

2009 saw a 500 copy re-release, of the 7” by Brooklyn label, Sing Sing Records.

In 2011, The Zips unleashed their 2nd album, 19 Forevva, and on the 10th anniversary, of Joe Strummer’s death, the band released a download-only, single, Road To Strummerville, with profits to his charity, Strummerville.

A split vinyl album with Berlin-based tour buddies, Erotic Devices was issued by Clash-City-Records in 2014, ahead of a 3rd tour of Germany.

No strangers to local and internet radio, the band also have a reputation for rip-roaring performances, supporting bands like, Dr Feelgood, UK Subs, 999, The Lurkers, Vic Godard & Subway Sect, and Eddie & The Hot Rods. This means they are always in demand on the live circuit, throughout Europe.

2015 saw the self-titled, Stepfathers of Punk release an advance copy of their 3rd album, Down With The Zips, to coincide with a further mini-tour of Germany.

2016, the band released a split CD EP with Fire Exit, and played some promo dates together in Belfast & Dublin in November, having played a string of UK dates, that year, including the Nice N Sleazy Festival, and a fifth tour of Germany in May. Meanwhile, the Down With The Zips album was released worldwide, download & cd, on in April.

2017 The Zips played Rebellion Festival in August, and other dates around the UK. However, priority was given to recording tracks for a 4th album, including 7 songs recorded in Berlin, in between a German tour in April, and the Joe Strummer Tribute gig in Berlin on 3rd June. Prior to that, Tarbeach Records (NYC) released a 7” single with The Zips’ Barabara Wire, on one side, and a Jonzip acoustic version of 19 Forevva, on the other, on 31st March.

2018 is the 4oth anniversary of the band, and a limited-edition CD of live recordings from 1979 & 1980 is planned for release on Tenement Toons. Watch this space!  The band were also featured in Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave  compilation album ( ), supplying a track from The Zips EP, Take Me Down. Gig-wise, the year is already shaping up to be busy, with the MAYhem Tour 2018, a week-long series of dates in early May in Germany & Czech Republic, and a second, whistle stop tour of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, later that month, with long-term tour buddies, Erotic Devices. The Zips will also be back in Germany in October, to play the Joe Strummer Tribute, in Dusseldorf , along with the legendary, Walter Lure L.A.M.F. Heartbreakers, and Essen. October will also see The Zips in Portugal for 3 dates, after Jonzip’s solo tour, last year, and Ireland. (full details of all dates in the GigPress section). A limited edition 7″ single on new German label, YeaVolution Records, will be released to coincide with the Mayhem Tour, and the long-awaited 4th album should follow in early summer.



4guys3chords2minutebuzzbombs1helluvvanite – guaranteed!

Jonzip (lead vox/rhythm gtr) + phil volume (bass gtr/vox) + fred-x (lead gtr/vox) + buddie poor(drums)


4 guyz3chordz2minutebuzzbombz1helluvanight – guaranteed!

jonzip (lead vox/rhythm gtr) + phil volume (bass gtr/vox) + fred-x (lead gtr/vox) + buddie poor (drums)