August 13, 2014

Due to holidaying drummers and what-not, The Zips will be appearing as a trio, at Ivory Blacks, this Thursday 14th August. But Hell, we’re not talking The Jam, The Police, Thin Lizzy, Cream, here. Think more along the lines of Suicide meets The Clash (Cut The Crap-era), as Jonzip and Phil Volume are joined by dj/electro maestro, Fox Gutt Data. Now that’s what I call ElectroClash!
Come along and witness the true spirit of Punk – no rules, anything goes, challenge perceptions, don’t let technique get in the way of a good toon, but above all else, don’t be f@ckin’ boring!

Thurs 14th Aug (7.30) – Ivory Blacks, Oswald St, Glasgow (2mins from Central Station)
Rust (from Australia) + The Dugz (from Ayrshire) + RBS (from Govan Hell) + The Zips ft Fox Gutt Data (from Garageland via Detroit)

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